Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scarymerry Clay Knitting Accessories! Cute Thing of the Week!

The only knitting stitch markers I own are a set of boring white plastic rings that came with my first "Learn to Knit" kit. They certainly do the trick when you need to mark your place, but if I was ever going to splurge and treat my needles to some fancy markers I think I'd start looking at Scarymerry's Etsy shop.

I really couldn't pick just one set from this store to be the Cute Thing of the Week because everything shop owner Mary makes is amazing. I love when people create food with clay and it looks so delicious it makes my mouth water. Mary has a fine menu of clay food here as well as pop culture characters, novelty items and animals. I'm showing off a few of my favourites, but please take a moment and check out the shop for yourself.

And be warned, items move fast. Last night I was eyeing a set of sushi markers and today they're gone!

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