Friday, August 29, 2008

Katamari Prince Baby Hat! Cute Thing of the Week!

There's every chance in the world that when your adorable little baby grows into a dreaded teenager he/she will consider this the most embarassing picture in the album. Not to mention the evidence they pull out whenever they want to convince anyone that their parents are certifiably weird. Until then you will have a few good years to ooh and ahhh over how adorable it is. Along with the hat maybe you could put velcro on baby's jumper so that it picks things up as it rolls around on the floor. Too much? Maybe, but I'm loving this hat.

Want the Pattern?

This was crocheted by Veronica of Itchy Stitchy and not only did she make this fabulous piece, she was kind enough to post the pattern for free. Click the link to view it.

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