Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adorable Genny Haines Cross Stitch Patterns

I was very excited when I checked the mail on Friday and discovered that my Genny Haines patterns had arrived courtesy of Goldleaf. Only about eight days travel time from the UK to Canada, that's not bad!

I received great service from Goldleaf and I highly recommend checking out their range of charts and kits if you're a fan of cross stitch - especially cross stitch with cute animals in it.

Now I just have to wait for my fabric to arrive so I can begin working on the Sam and Peeps on Top of The World chart that I purchased (pictured above). I could have bought the pattern as a kit, but it came with a 14 count aida cloth and I wanted to make my design a little smaller, stitching on a 18 count fabric. I have so much embroidery floss in my stash that I knew I'd be likely to have all the colours needed to make this. After a quick inventory check, it tuns out I'm only missing three of the colours, which I'll be able to find easily at a local store.

This design I'm going to stitch for our home, along with a daytime pattern of Sam and Peeps that was in a cross stitch magazine I recently picked up.

I also bought the Dillon and Ko! chart. It was very hard to resist ordering the one where they're reading a book as well, but I wanted to keep my first order small. I have no idea who I'll stitch this one for yet, or if I'll keep it for myself, but I really like the colours and the uniqueness of the dragon.

Dillon the dragon looks like he has a bit of giraffe in his family tree doesn't he?


mdgtjulie said...

LOL, Amber, he sure does. Both charts are darling. I love the first one too. Too cute!!

Valma said...

Indeed he does =D
I love Sam and Peep
Especially Peep of course =D
Can't wait to see your stitching
Big hugs from France and Happy stitching

PS : I sent something to Canada 2 weeks ago and it has not arrived yet !!! Postmen don't understand how impatient we are =D

amber said...

Hi Valma, the mail is crazy. Sometimes it takes me longer to get something from one side of Canada to the other, than it does for me to send it to the other side of the world.

Currently waiting for my fabric to come from another part of Canada and it's taking too long! Lol!