Friday, June 13, 2008

Retro TV Crochet - Cute Thing of the Week

After a long day of being stitched, stuffed and embroidered you know there's nothing an amigurumi likes to do better than kick back and watch a little TV. Now, thanks to Etsy seller eureekaswindow they can do just that with this Retro TV Set Crochet Pattern. I'm not sure if this one should be called the Cute Thing of the Week or the Strangest Thing of the Week, but I'm definately giving bonus points for the use of Steven Colbert. As eureekaswindow says in her product description:

"I love to arrange my softies and dolls and snap a few pics of them, so I was inspired to make a little TV to create a "comfy little living room scene". Make your own crocheted TV and glue on a pic of your favorite late night talk show host, sitcom character or news anchor."

My suggestion, instead of glueing on your favourite TV personality, I bet you could use velcro or carefully placed magnets so that you could have changeable TV programs. Watching the Colbert Report is great, but once it's over, your Amigurumis may want to catch a rerun of Futurama or The X-Files and you'd hate to deny them this option, right?

The pattern sells for $5.75, is six pages long and comes in PDF Format.


Celia Pleete said...

SWOON! Kudos for using Colbert.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! This is an awesome T.V. That inspired me to make one of my own since i can't buy the pattern online without permission from my mom. But i made a website:
and there it shows my pattern and hopefully if the thing works if you see a white box and click on it then that should make the picture show up but i don't know. Anyway check it out!

amber said...

Hey Anonymous,

I like your little TV. It's very cute! Great work for a first pattern. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you that means a lot. And thank you for checking it out. I was so worried that nobody would see it so thanks!