Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Galactica Hat!

When I was at the Serenity charity screening this past weekend one of our Vancouver Browncoat members was sporting this Battlestar Galactica hat knit for her by a fellow member of the group. About a year back our Browncoats spun off a separate meetup for Battlestar Galactica events. It seems only fitting when you consider that Zoic Studios, which originally provided special effects for Firefly, went on to provide them for Galactica and Joss Whedon frequently lists BSG as one of his favorite shows.

The hat is based on the Mandala that Starbuck has been seen painting throughout the series. After seeing it I was wondering if there was a pattern available. Eureka! After a few minutes of searching I found that the hat had been created by QuirkyKnitGirl and the pattern is available on her blog. Unfortunately, the lighting was too poor at the screening to get a picture of the hat there, but I assure you it looked like this one pictured with the pattern.

Even if this didn't have the added bonus of being science fiction related, I'd still be impressed by the design. Very cool!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for your comments--I'm amazed at how many people seem to be liking the hat. I thought there'd only be a few knitting and sci-fi geeks like me. Who knew?