Friday, July 1, 2011

Silent Auction Results

A few weeks ago I showed readers the items I had stitched and the awesome bag that my crafty friend Lisa stitched for this year's Can't Stop the Serenity screening in Vancouver.

The screening took place last Saturday and was a wonderful success. There were these delicious cupcakes...I'm sorry I don't have any left to share with you, but you can check out C&C Cakery's description of them and even pick up the recipe for the Kaylee cupcake. Though I have to confess I only tried the Vera, but it was so good I went back for seconds!

Cupcake talk aside, I'm also happy to report that our crafty donations did quite well in the auction. They didn't raise as much money individually this year as last year, but overall the silent auction raised more than it did last year, so that's pretty exciting news. Of our crafty donations Lisa's Big Damn Heroes tote bag was the top seller, bringing in a donation of $65 for Equality Now and the BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre Foundation.

Next up was my Wash and Zoe piece which brought in $50, the Big Damn Heroes full cast stitching at $40, the mini-stitching of Kaylee in her Shindig dress at $35, and the Jayne mini-stitching brought in $30. (Can't picture the pieces I'm talking about? Maybe this will jog your memory.) I also contributed a mini-stitching of Mal and a cross stitched Jayne bookmark that were combined into larger gift packs, that also did quite well in the auction.

That means a grand total of just over $220 was raised for our chosen charities through our crafty endeavours. Shiny!

Considering most of these pieces took only a couple of hours or a couple of weeks to stitch, I think it was well worth the effort. I like to share the totals here so that I can stress, it really is the handmade items that help bring in the donations at a silent auction. I'm sure that's true not just with Browncoats, but with any charity-minded geek (and non-geek) group. So if you're a crafty type, why not put something together for a Can't Stop the Serenity Screening in your area next year or some other cause that's important to you?