Monday, June 9, 2008

One Week Baby Blanket

I'm so pleased I actually managed to get this crocheted in only a week. I'm not really sure who I'm going to be giving it to yet. I guess I'll have to wait until I hear another friend or family member is spawning. For now I just wanted to use up some Bernat Baby Coordinates wool that I had left over from a previous pattern and I've always wanted to try this blended rainbow effect with baby wool. To create the blended look you start with two strands of the first colour and work two rounds, then you cut off one strand and add in a strand of the next colour, work two rounds that way and then switch completely to the new colour for the next two rounds. In this blanket I started with two strands of pink for Rounds 1 & 2, then in rounds 3 & 4 I used one strand of pink and one of yellow, then in rounds 5 & 6 I used 2 strands of yellow...and so forth through green, blue, light purple and dark purple.

Want the pattern?

The colour scheme is different, but the pattern I used to make this was Beth's Little Star Afghan. It's a fun repetitive pattern that works up quickly and you can easily work on it while you're watching TV or surrounded by other distractions.

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Caroline said...

Beautiful colours! I'm dying to do one of these myself...I may nick your blending idea. :)