Monday, June 2, 2008

Creepy Cute Clarification!

Just wanted to let everyone know that NeedleNoodles has started posting a series of tutorials addressing some of the more confusing concepts in Creepy Cute Crochet. If you're struggling with something in the book or you've been on the fence about buying it, I urge you to take a look at the tutorials. I think they make it easier to understand some of the steps and it gives you an idea of why she chose to use some of the techiques that she did. I'm also very impressed with the clear, close-up photos she's provided to show some of the stitches step-by-step.

Tutorials available so far:
Getting Back to Basics
Troubleshooting the Basic Head

Rumor is she's also working on a tutorial for how to make the hair as per the instructions in the book. Check back at the main site,, for updates.

And now, take a moment to marvel in wonder about how aweome the internet is. Because in your grandmother's day there's no way the author of a pattern book would have had the resources to reach out and help your granny and every other person who was having trouble deciphering the pattern instructions.

And In Other News...

If you like making cute animal amigurumi and you like free patterns (and who doesn't?) you may already be familiar with Roxycraft...patterns that don't suck. I just wanted to put a plug in here to let everyone know that Tamie Snow, the woman behind Roxycraft, has an amigurumi book coming out this summer. Tiny Yarn Animals will be released on August 5 and is now available for pre-order through Amazon and other online book retailers. As described on Roxycraft:

"This colorful guide presents twenty-one sweet and simple-to-make yarn creatures for crafters young and old. Each animal is assembled using several basic crochet stitches—stitches even beginners can easily master—and the results, from a winsome little lamb to a wide-eyed lemur, make for delightful yarn friends."

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