Monday, December 7, 2009

An Alternative to Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

While we were all snuggled in our beds on Christmas Eve, when I was about five years old, our cat ate all the glass balls off the Christmas tree. We only discovered this the next day when tiny fragments of coloured glass were floating in his water dish. Thankfully he not only survived the experience, but went on to live another eleven years. Seriously, knocking them off the tree and rolling them off the floor I could understand. Eating them? Surely, the cat food we were serving wasn't that bad.

Since then we've always avoided putting anything breakable on the tree. I just spotted this clever stash-busting project courtesy of Etsy seller ZooCrafts, who sells these crocheted Christmas ball ornaments in sets of 4 for $15 U.S. A clever alternative to breakable ornaments for anyone who needs to baby-proof or cat-proof their Christmas tree this holiday season.


Jenny said...

Gotta love crochet christmas ornaments. I found a similar pattern the other day and tried it out myself. It will take me forever to get enough to fill my tree (I have an 18 month old that won't leave the glass bulbs alone) but the one I have finished looks pretty darn cute! :)

Here is the link if you want to try it yourself.

amber said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for sharing the link. I like the design on the left that looks like a Christmas tree light. I may have to try making some of those someday...maybe with a yarn that has a bit of sparkle running through it.