Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Loom will be With You Always - Star Wars Travel Embroidery Case

I completely adore this amazing project that Geeky Sweetheart has designed. It's a travelling case for your cross stitch and embroidery looms! You see a lot of travel cases and bags for crochet and knitting supplies, but I haven't see too many for embroidery. (Maybe I just haven't been looking?) I have to admit I am usually reluctant to take my cross stitch projects on the road because I'm worried that the pale fabrics I'm stitching on will get dirty, or it's just too many skeins of floss to be carrying around. However this is pretty cool, and would be great for smaller projects, like my Firefly characters.

In case you can't read the text at this size, Leia is proclaiming, "I love embroidery." Han, accepting the numerous trips to the galaxy's finest needlework stores he'll have to make in the Falcon, reluctantly replies, "I know."

Above you can see what the case looks like open. On the right it's holding a loom with a pretty awesome death star stitching, and on the left side I believe there's a pocket to hold floss skeins and needles. Geeky Sweetheart initially made this for a Star Wars swap, but liked it so much that she created a second one for herself, and was kind enough to post a full tutorial, including video, so that you too can create your own Star Wars embroidery case.

Have fun!

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