Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dressing Up Ctlhulhu!

Craftster user Mutant_cat has been making some great little cthulhus that I couldn't resist sharing. I'm considering these the grandchildren of my Tiny Cthulhu pattern because they were made using the Baby Cthulhu pattern created by Giulia, which was a variation of my Tiny Cthulhu pattern that added legs. So I'm proud to consider these little guys members of the Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins family, especially since they are such snappy dressers.

Mutant_cat made her little cthulhus using a very thin crochet yarn so that they would come out smaller than the pattern intended, standing only a couple of inches high. Tiny Thor looks adorable, and I love the details including the little wings on his helmet.

You can check out more pictures of Mutant_cat's cthulhus in her original Craftster posts here and here. I just love how there's a hole in the back of the vest so that cthulhu's wings can poke through!

Check it out, Villain Cthulhu even has a little monocle on his right eye, so you know he's evil! And are those bunny slippers I see on the Sleepy Cthulhu? I really do admire the thought and detail Mutant_cat put into these tiny creations.


Emmy said...

I'd really love to learn to make these! Do you know of any websites where I can learn to crochet easily? I've not had much luck in the past with books and such, and lessons are just too expensive right now. Any suggestions?

Jenny said...

I'm totally going to make the Sleepytime Cthulhu... who knew that the Lord of Eternal Darkness was so freaking cute?!

@Emmy - you might have luck finding someone to teach you how to crochet at a local crochet/knitting club. Try either the newspaper or Not sure if you tried this book yet: "The Happy Hooker" - I learned how to crochet from this book.

Meg Wesley said...

These Cthulus are just adorable!