Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bavarian Crochet in Baby Coordinates

While I was working on my first Bavarian crochet blanket I couldn't help thinking that it would look nice in Bernat's Baby Coordinates. The white blending filament that runs through all the colours can be a pain to work with, but it does create a nice continuity as you change colours. For this one I used Baby Coordinates in soft mauve, soft blue, soft turquoise, lemon custard and sherbert.

Every time I begin a new baby blanket it's always my intention that I'm just making it to use up the scraps I have left over from the last baby project. And of course, every time I run out of a colour or two midway through and end up buying more. So having finished this blanket, I now have nearly full skeins of three of the colours and will someday have to find a new pattern to "use them up." Oh well, it was fun to work on and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

I crocheted with an I hook (5.5 mm), which seemed large enough to keep the white filament from snagging on the hook and gave the stitches a nice loose feel. Once thing I like about the Bavarian stitching is it's very easy to change the shape of your piece simply by changing the number of stitches in your first round. The other blanket was made as a square, while this one is a rectangle. The pattern book also includes instructions for converting it to a triangle, which would be better suited for a shawl than a blanket.


lisa said...

That is beautiful! Such gorgeous colours.

amber said...

Thanks :)

Abuelax5 said...

This is truly beautiful. I am going to take a class to see if I can do this. Again, truly beautiful.

Sue Burch said...

My neighbor bought a book that shows the special stitch and has an assortment of patterns she purchased it in a crochet catalog which sells the yarns and an assortment of crochet and puzzles and also the new craze of adult coloring books.