Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glowing Kodama Tree Spirits, with Free Pattern

The kodamas are my favourite part of Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke. The way they bob their heads and make that tranquil rattling sound is adorable. Ami Amour created the pattern and crocheted these terrific kodamas. The one on the right was made using Nightlights glow in the dark yarn, which I think is a great use for this yarn since the kodamas are kind of glowy in the movie.

Want the pattern?

The kodama pattern is available free on the Ami Amour blog. I'm also so enchanted with the amazing free patterns available there that I'm adding Ami Amour to my blog list. Check my left sidebar to see when there are updates there.


S said...

Wow! I was just looking for a kodama pattern last week, thanks so much for this :-)

Michal (Skeletons Out of Closet) said...

Thank you for posting it! since I read your blog and not AmiAmour, I wouldn't find it myself. I will be posting about it too today!

Saffron Panda Amigurumi said...