Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marble Granny Afghan

Would you believe this is my first granny square? I guess this is what they call jumping in with both feet. Thankfully the granny square is one of the easiest and most forgiving patterns around. I almost always crochet while watching TV and numerous times I forgot to make the chain 1 between the sets of double crochet. Aside from a little bit of puffiness in the middle, which won't show when someone is actually using the afghan, my mistakes are mostly hidden.

I'm absolutely adore this yarn, which is James C Brett - Marble Chunky in Autumn. I used three balls worth and a J hook to put this together. It's an acrylic yarn, but incredibly soft. I've been reassured that it becomes even softer each time you wash it.

I actually worked two balls of this into a shawl before finally admitting to myself that I would never wear said shawl. (I'm just not a shawl person.) With much help from the boyfriend, who is both wise and witty, I frogged that project and decided to make this instead. Simple, soft and cozy.

The James C Brett - Marble comes in lots of beautiful shades and is also available in a sport weight. I just picked up some in that size for a new afghan project. I've never spotted this stuff in a big chain craft store, but the Kertzer website's store locator has a pretty extensive list of local yarn stores where it can be found in Canada and the United States.

A non-flash, natural light close-up of the afghan so that you can see my stitching. I think the flash pictures are more true to the actual colouring of the blanket though.


Unknown said...

I love how the variegation works in that granny square! I've used James C. Brett Marble Chunky for a few projects now, and I've never been disappointed. It's pretty fabulous for an acrylic yarn and I love the yardage! I'm probably going to use it to make some baby blankets soon...

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