Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiny Cthulhus are taking over!

In case I don't mention it enough, I love when people leave comments showing me the things they've made with my patterns. It really makes it worthwhile to post the free patters when you know there are people out there who are actually using them. Plus, even just the slightest change, using a different type of wool or a different type of eyes, can turn a pattern into something all new and it gives me new ideas for things to make.

For the past couple of months I've been reading all the comments, but I knew I wouldn't have time to post the pictures. They've been going into a special file so I wouldn't lose track of them though. Now without further ado, may I introduce a few of the latest cousins in the Cthulhu family:

This Cthulhu in a little pink shirt comes courtesy of Jude Thaddaeus. I highly recommend checking out her Photobucket pictures of this one because she did an amazing job on the wings.

A few adaptations on this one made by The Fair Weather Optimist and I think it's absolutely adorable.

Jenna Ellis created this little cousin. His eyes look so innocent, yet I'm certain he's planning something evil!

I'll post some more in a few days. If anyone's interested in the pattern, you can find it in the sidebar on the left listed along with my other free patterns.


Akyla said...

It's amazing how cute Cthulhu can be. I started with your little cthulhu (or as my friends and I have dubbed it "cute-thulhu")which i linked before but since then I've been inspired to have more fun with him.

Here's my cupcake cthulhu:

and my Ctuhluhu hat:

The Fair Weather Optimist said...

Aw! You are too sweet to include me. Your pattern is fantastic, and I can't wait until I have the free time to make a Nibbler!
Thank you so much for your awesome patterns and tutorials.

amber said...

If you get a Nibbler done Fair Weather Optimist please send me a link to a pic. Nibbler is a big project, but easy if you know how to make amigurumi. So far I don't know of anyone who has completed him.