Friday, April 17, 2009

Wall-E! Cute Thing of the Week!

Another thing to add to my list of things I absolutely have to make someday. Craftster user sukigirl74 took an existing Wall-e pattern and made some alterations to come up with this very realistic looking version of the adorable little trash compactor. Instead of trying to crochet or stitch the eyes she created them out of polymer clay and then put crochet around their base. I love how the clay allows Wall-E to have such expressive eyes. The fact that this little guy is only about two and a half inches tall just makes him even cuter.

Receiving an honourable mention in this week's Cute Thing of the Week is the original Wall-e and Eve patterns created by Craftster user sunshineravioli.

Make that two things to add to my list because I can't have Wall-E without his little eggish love interest.


Amy S. said...

So cute! It makes me want to make one! ... After the bazillion or so other projects I have lined up. :D I'll have to make a Wall-E for my b/f and an Eve for myself :D

sukigirl said...

It was such a nice surprise to see my little wall-e show up in your blog.
I actually found your blog this morning when I opened up google reader, yours was one of the recommended blogs to subscribe to. I added you to my list before I even came across my project.
Thanks again and I'm really enjoying your blog!