Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Katamari Prince Hot Plate!

Although it was much belated I finally got the chance to get together and exchange birthday gifts with some friends over the past weekend. My friend, the Infamous and Crafty, Lisa created this Perler Bead Katamari Prince hot plate for me. It's slightly larger than the video game related coasters I've made in the past so it will be perfect for setting teapots and other hot serving dishes on. Very cool! I totally want to pull out my Perler Beads and start playing with them again now. Lisa put this together using the free Katamari Prince cross stitch pattern that's available from johloh over on the Sprite Stitch Pattern Request forum.

While I was hunting down the free cross stitch pattern to share I also ran across these very cool pieces of Katamari art that are just too cool to resist posting.

The above picture comes from Etsy user loudxmouse. For $160 U.S. she will paint a custom Katamari ball or Katamari cousin into a scenic painting for you. I've seen these landscape paintings dubbed as "motel art", and now I'm thinking how awesome it would be to replace some of the dull artwork in motel rooms with Katamari pictures like this one.

This one is called Colossal Katamari and it was created by pixel artist Snake. Click on the image to see a larger picture of it and you can see how detailed the textures are on the monsters' skin. I believe what we have here is the Prince rolling up creatures from the video game Shadow of the Colossus. I've never played the game, but my boyfriend is a big fan.

I found this one on SF Weekly and it just made me laugh. How about a cross-over game of Lego Star Wars vs. Katamari? I'd play it!

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Amy S. said...

Wow! Thats awesome! ... Okay, now I need to go play some Katamari :P