Thursday, April 24, 2008

Purple Bone

So over at Une So Tisse was so captured by the cuteness of Fone Bone that she not only made her own purple version but also spent the last week tracking down a French translation of Jeff Smith's comic. I'm so happy that my little creation has inspired someone to take an interest in the comic. More fans are always welcome.

With my permission So is also providing a French version of the pattern free on her blog. You can view it and a larger picture of her purple Bone here. She has a lot of interesting creations on her site and thank goodness there are web page translators to help me read some of the words I couldn't remember from my days of high school French.

So was worried about the fact that her Bone character wasn't white, but who knows, maybe female Bones are purple. Or maybe Bone creatures come in a variety of different colours and just turn white as they get older. I think there's room for speculation!

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Unknown said...

I was so happy to find the Bone pattern to start with (I've been desperately trying to figure out what to make for a friend for Christmas, and now I know!), and seeing how well they work in purple, I intend on making both a white one and a pink one for my friend. She's a huge Bone fan, and it's just perfect for her. Thanks for providing the pattern and for linking back to the purple version! :)