Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Birthday Afghan

Finished! If you frequent the crochet forum on Craftster you may have already seen this over there. I posted it there last week, but Blogger was being difficult and I wasn't able to get the photos uploaded here at the same time.

I'm calling this one the Birthday Afghan because I made it for myself as a birthday present, using money that I'd received from family for my birthday to buy the wool.

I had seen these four colours in a ball of variegated wool from Patons and loved how they looked together. Unfortunately in my experience whenever I try to make something with variegated wool it always ends up looking better wrapped up as a skein than as a project. Fortunately, unlike many other companies, Patons actually sells the colours in their variegated mixes as separate skeins.

To make this I used the Float Away Scarf pattern and added a couple extra repeats of the pattern to make it wider. The four colours are Paton Decor in Pale Sage Green, Pale Aubergine, Aran, and Taupe. I changed colours every three rows and worked in the ends as I went.

We ended up taking about 40 pictures before getting the digital camera to turn out these photos which I think most accurately show off the colours.

I started working on this blanket around the middle of February and ambitiously believed I could get the whole thing done before my birthday on March 1. Ha! I actually ended up finishing it Apr. 23, but as the blog will attest I've been working on lots of other side projects between then and now. (And I am pleased that it didn't take me a full year to complete.)

Next afghan project: something with alpaca wool. I'm not sure what yet. I haven't picked a pattern or any colours yet, but I love how soft that stuff feels. I need to turn it into a blanket of some sort.

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