Friday, April 18, 2008

HK Bee! Cute Thing of the Week

Armina over at This and That has put together a wonderful collection of Hello Kitty inspired amigurumis and it wasn't easy picking just one of them to be the Cute Thing of the Week. In the end it's this HK Bee that I can't stop looking at. She seems so happy and spring-like. I could use a little spring right now, even if it does mean real bees with their nasty stingers.

Luckily this one won't sting. She stands approximately 4 inches tall and is made with Lion Brand Pound of Love. Armina hasn't written out the HK Bee pattern, but she does maintain a separate blog called Armina's Ami-Nals where she lists all her free patterns. Here you can find Armina's pattern for a basic HK Ami, and I'm sure anyone with a little crochet experience can figure out how to alter it to make the bee or any other costumed Hello Kitty.

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