Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cake Sachets! Cute Thing Of The Week

I guarantee that just looking at Norma Lynn Hood's Cake Sachets is going to make you hungry. Hood began crocheting in 2002 and uses her crafty talents for good, crocheting delicious looking cake sachets and mini cakes to help raise money for various charities. All her cakes are made using 100% cotton yarn and the sachets are filled with organic lavender. Want a more realistic smell? According to Hood the sachets can easily be removed to change the scent. She suggests using fermented cocoa beans, cinnamon sticks or coffee beans to give these sweet treats a scent to match their mouth-watering appearance.

Want the Pattern?

Hood has two pages worth of free patterns available including the above pictured Inseparable (top left), Coconut & Honey Pistachio Waffle Bowl (middle) and Cat (bottom), but don't stop at the free patterns. Take a few moments to look through the rest of the amazing desserts she's created and learn more about the various charities she supports.

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