Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Best of Bunnies!

With Easter just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some cute crochet bunnies. I'm hoping to create my own bunny with some Fun Fur-style wool that I found at a Dollarama recently. Until then, here's a look at some of my favorite free bunny patterns. All of these are fairly small and wouldn't take too much time to crochet. If you start now I'm sure you'll be done by Easter!

Working with fuzzy yarns is always a bit more frustrating and time consuming than your typical worsted weight. If you do decide to attempt a fluffy bunny of some sort take a moment to read through the Fuzzy Yarn Tips posted by PlanetJune. They just may save you a few headaches.

And now on with the patterns. First up, in the top left corner, is Ami Bunny by BertaBerta and it can be found on this craftster post. You can see more pictures of the bunny in the original post, but you have to jump to page 4 in the replies to find the tutorial.

Above is Best Bunny and it's available as a free download from Lion Brand. Keep in mind that you have to register for a free membership on Lion Brand's website in order to access their patterns. I'm not crazy about the colours they've chosen for the model, but that's easy enough to change. I like the overall shape of this bunny and I think it would look good in a softer, fluffier yarn.

Finally, last and certainly not least, are the Evil (Bunni) Minions which were created by gnathalie2. They are also posted on Craftster and are available here. I figure anyone who's visiting Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins is probably looking for something a bit unusual and these are certainly my favorite unconventional Easter bunnies. Although it looks like they'll be too busy storming the castle to bring us any chocolate eggs!

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