Friday, March 21, 2008

The Amigurumi Fellowship of The Ring! Cute Thing of the Week

The hardest part of featuring Artoo1121's Amigurumi Lord of the Rings characters as the Cute Thing of the Week is deciding which characters to show off. They're all so amazing! Artoo1121, aka Sammi, did the amigurumi bodies and costumes for each character while her boyfriend painted details on some of the clothes to make them look embroidered. He also created the props such as Gandalf's staff and Boramir's horn. Seriously, check out Gandalf's staff, that's incredible attention to detail! And Frodo, he even has the one ring around his neck! Okay, I'll stop geeking-out now. Let's just look at the pretty pictures for a while...

You can see close-ups of all nine fellowship members and a few other Lord of the Rings characters that they've created on Artoo1121's flickr page. Also check out her blog Geek Central Station where she shares her thoughts about making each character.

Want a few of these guys to decorate your own home or keep you company during your next Lord of the Rings marathon? Some of them are currently being sold in the Geek Central Station Esty Shop.

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