Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If a yarn company has a weekly newsletter I probably subscribe to it, but it's rare that I find a project in those newsletters that's worth posting about. Most of them don't suit my tastes, feel outdated, or are simply an excuse for the distributing company to sell a large quantity of yarn. (If I ever decide I want a snuggie I'm not going to knit it myself...thanks.)

That being said, I'm taking a shine to these monsters that are part of a new 17 crochet project booklet from Sugar 'N Cream. The experienced crocheter could probably make these without a pattern using a little guess and test, but they're still worth looking at for the inspiration. The book is retailing for $3.95 here in Canada and there are also two other monster patterns in the book that you can see in the link above.

Does anyone else think Monsters Inc. when they see this picture?

Each year I try to contribute a couple of amigurumis to the Softies For Mirabel Campaign. One thing organizer Pip has told me in the past is that there's often a shortage of toys that really grab the boys' attention. So that's the second reason I thought these were worth sharing. Made in the right colours, I'm fairly certain these would appeal to many young boys. The more eyes and tentacles the better, right?


Unknown said...

Haha, I think you are right the more eyes & tentacles for little boys the better!

I had a quick question if you don't mind! How did you make those cool broccoli looking things on the top of the green monsters head? Did you do a bunch of chains and then reconnect them to the ring? I have been looking to do something like that for a DnD monster I am making and can't seem to figure it out!

Thanks so much!

amber said...

Hi Liz, I haven't actually made these monsters myself. These are just the pictures from the pattern book which are available through the link I shared in the main post.

I haven't actually seen the patterns yet, but if I had to guess, here's how I think they made those broccoli parts. In the last round of those tentacles, I think they single crocheted into a stitch, chained a certain number (maybe about 10?) then single crocheted back along the chain, then single crocheted in the next stitch and repeated the chain.

Again, I'm just guessing. You could try this method and let us know if you get a similar broccoli-like effect. Good luck!