Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Favourite Fingerless Gloves

I made a pair of these a couple years ago, but they got so dirty I was too embarrassed to post pictures of them. Here now is a picture of my more recent creation, which I only wore once before remembering I should snap a picture. I assure you I made a set, but since I can't think of a way to take a picture of both my hands at once, you'll just have to trust me on that one.

I really like this pattern because you get to work backwards from the fingers down to the wrist. I find it's much easier than trying to divide up the stitches when you get to the top. It also gives more leeway for sizing the glove. Make one finger and if it doesn't fit just pull it apart and add or take away some stitches. Learning to balance the four double pointed knitting needles you need to use can be a bit of a challenge! Someday I want to try adapting the pattern for crochet. I'm thinking it would be easy enough and I'd have less worries about dropped stitches or unravelling fingers.

Like my Dragon Gauntlet gloves these were made with Patons Kroy Socks FX yarn, this time in Cascade. Obviously the amount of yarn you need varies depending on the size of the glove you're making, but I've always been able to get away with making a pair with less then one skein of wool and plenty left over.

Want the Pattern?

This one is a free pattern courtesy of Knitty.com , who also provide wonderful extra instructions and links to helpful tutorials along with the pattern. Every time I make these I also find this video tutorial on how to make a slip, slip knit stitch (ssk) invaluable. In my experience it's hard to find a good visual description of how that stitch is made.

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