Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Kif! And Lord Nibbler!

In honour of this project I thought about opening with a favourite quote from Kif, but honestly the best part about Kif is the way he sighs in defeat every time Zapp Brannigan makes some ridiculous request of him.

Zapp: Kif, get down there and unjam the missle, would you? Be a dear.
Kif: (sighs)
Zapp: And stop sighing so much.

(from Futurama , The Beast With A Billion Backs)

Kif here is the latest Futurama-related project from Craftster user LuckyNumber7 who is hoping to create crochet versions of the entire cast. I think she captured his likeness quite well and I can't wait to see more Futurama characters from her.

My own Nibbler pattern is always going to be my favourite, but I really like this version designed by Alicia of Hooks & Needles. I particularly like the eyeballs which are much more realistic looking than the flat felt eyes that I used on my design. I also like that Alicia went the extra mile and added the diaper. I just keep telling myself that my own little Nibblonian is house trained! You can get a free copy of Alicia's Nibbler pattern by clicking the link to her blog.

Fiona: The brains suppress intelligence by attacking the Delta brain wave. Every animal and robot generates this wave, as well as certain trees.
Nibbler: Fry, however, does not.
Fiona: Somehow he has cobbled together a random assortment of other brain waves into a working mind.
Leela: Like a prom dress made of carpet remnants!
Nibbler: Yes, like your prom dress.

(from Futurama, The Day The Earth Stood Stupid)

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