Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joss Whedon Inverviewed by CrochetMe

Please tell me that I was not the last one to find out about this. I was surfing around to a few of my favourite crochet sites yesterday and was very excited to learn that Kim Werker of CrochetMe was finaly able to snag that interview with Joss Whedon that I talked about back in July. Congratulations to Kim and congratulations to everyone who helped bring this plan to Joss Whedon's attention. You can read the full transcript of Joss's crafty talk here. As if we needed more reasons to belive in the awesomeness of Joss Whedon!

One of my favourite bits from the interview is Whedon's explanation of Jayne's knitted hat, which has now become one of the key symbols of Browncoats everywhere:

My whole thought was that Jayne was your classic bad-guy mercenary type, and I thought this is the one guy who does not have a tortured past, who has a decent, hard-working family, who just, you know, this was his career choice and the idea of him getting a letter from mom that he struggles to read, and the knitted hat, was— it just felt so right. It felt very, very him and very human and then of course I saw the hat with its flaps and its pom pom, and I just couldn't have been happier.

And in other Whedon related news, I just had to show you this very cool lego version of the mule from Serenity. Not sure if this qualifies as art or craft, but you can check out the detailed construction plans at If only Santa could bring me a Lego Firefly game to go with my Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones.

Finally, I can't sign off without reminding everyone that Dr. Horrible is being released on DVD this Friday, December 19. It's currently an "exclusive" purchase through for $9.99. No word yet as to whether or not it will be availabe in stores at a later date.

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