Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Futurama's Zoidberg, Nearly Life-Size

I stumbled across this quite by accident and couldn't help being impressed by the size and detail. That's a crocheted Zoidberg that you're looking at there and I'm guessing it must be over three feet tall. It was made be Jennifer from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I tried to contact her via e-mail to compliment her on what must have been a pretty time consuming project. Unfortunately I didn't receive any response back. Not really surprising since it looks like she made this guy around 2004 to 2005. At least that's when conversation about it dried up on this Planet Express Employee Lounge thread. Jennifer also made her own crocheted Nibbler, long before my own, and was working on her own Bender. You can view her awesome work in the crochet section of Jenutech Designs.

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