Friday, May 9, 2008

Alley Cats! Cute Thing of the Week

If you're a fan of Craft: then you may have already seen these adorable alley cats over there. I love cats and it's not often that you see a realistic looking crocheted cat. In most cases there's something about the ears or the paws that just isn't quite right. So, when I saw these cats that actually look like cats I had to go the extra mile and see if I could find the pattern.

Happily, after getting the Google Translater to convert two different French blogs into English and about 20 minutes of reading I was able to discover that the pattern comes from Etsy seller Stripeyblue. As she describes it in her shop:

This is "Alley Cats," a PDF pattern for you to make 3 poor but happy little cats looking for food at their "diner." Also included is the pattern for their favorite - fish bone. There is also a pattern to crochet a garbage can.

Not a bad deal for only $4.50! I also have to throw in an honourable mention for the blog Amigurumi Made in France. Many of their members are using this Alley Cat pattern as part of a Crochet Along. You can see the different variations and colours of their cats and fish bones here.

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