Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Round Ripple Collection

Call it what you will, the Round Ripple afghan or the 12-Point Star afghan, this is one of my favourite blankets to make. I dread anything that requires sewing a bunch of tiny squares together, so this blanket that is worked in a round and all as one piece is a lot of fun to make. Working steadily on it, (1-2 hours a day) I can usually put one of these together in about 3-4 weeks. It's also great for beginners because the only stitches you use are the chain, double crochet and slip stitch. Nothing fancy! The purple afghan to the left here was made using about 5-6 balls of Bernat Masala in Violet Veil. (Each blanket takes about 18 - 20 oz. of wool using an I or J hook.)

My first attempt was the rainbow piece using various shades of Bernat Satin. This is the first time I've actually tried to blend colours in crochet. Sadly, it's not quite as effective as blending colours in cross stitching. I was hoping it would look something like the Peaceful Pastels afghan that Mary Maxim sells, only more vibrant. It's definately more vibrant, but doesn't have as smooth a transition from colour to colour.

Below is the camouflage afghan I made for my boyfriend, who is both wise and witty. He wanted a blanket in the house that didn't look quite as girly as the others. This one was made using a shade of Bernat Camouflage which I believe was called "Outback" though I could be wrong about that.

Want the Pattern?
A friend and I spent several hours one night exercising our Google muscles trying to find a free copy of this pattern. Mary Maxim sells it in several different kits along with the wools to make specific versions of the blanket such as the Peaceful Pastels Afghan or the Marbled Spiral Throw.

I like to use the free version of the pattern that I found called Baby's Round Ripple Afghan.

There are also several versions of the blanket available from Angel Crafts. You have to register on the site to gain access to some of the patterns, but others can be viewed without registering including this very cool Spiderman blanket.

I didn't make this Spiderman one, that's just the picture that's posted with the pattern.


Anonymous said...

I was doing a search for the Bernat Masala Violet Veil yarn that you show using to make one of your rugs. I am currently working on a project and have run out. It is a discontinued yarn and I cannot find it anywhere. I was wondering if you had any left over when you finished the rug and if you would be willing to sell it? Please post a reply and how I could contact you. Much appreciated!!

amber said...

Anonymous, Sorry I don't have any of the wool left. I made that blanket well over a year ago. I think I just kept crocheting until I ran out of the wool so that there wouldn't be any scraps left over. It's a shame it's been discontinued, it was really pretty stuff. Have you tried checking e-bay, sometimes they have discontinued wool.