Monday, February 11, 2008

Sometimes You Just Need A Little Heart

Two weeks ago I was looking for a little crochet heart pattern I could use in a Valentine's Day project I had in mind. At the time I couldn't find anything that suited me. Then on Friday I came across this little heart keychain (top left). It's perfect, but too late for me to use this year.

None the less, I thought I'd share some of the quick and easy heart designs that caught my eye during my searches. All three are available as free patterns, although you have to go through a registration process with Bernat to gain access to their stuff.

Want the Patterns?
top left:Heart shaped charm
middle left: Chain of Hearts garland
bottom left: Bernat stuffed heart

And of course if these designs don't quench your heart's desire, Crochet Pattern Central has a whole page devoted to free heart patterns with everything from granny squares to fridgies.

Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

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