Friday, May 11, 2012

Rock-a-Bye Rainsong Afghan Not So Rainy!

I always find it funny when I read the names that pattern books have given to their blankets because I find by the time I stitch them they usually have nothing to do with their name. I tend to latch on to a pattern if I like the look of it, then immediately start planning what colours and what kind yarn I'd like to have it stitched in.

When I saw this "Rock-A-Bye Rainsong" baby blanket in Leisure Arts's Our Best Baby Blankets I figured it would be perfect to help me with my ongoing project to use up what seems to be an endless stash of Bernat Baby Coordinates.

(If you happen to see a copy of Our Best Baby Blankets somewhere I highly recommend looking through it. I'm finding it to be a great go-to book for afghans for both babies and grown-ups!)

Instead of using two shades of blue then white as the pattern suggested I used Baby Coordinates in Sherbet, Lemon and Soft Mauve, which I think gives the blanket a more spring-like look than a rainy look.

This is the first pattern I've crocheted in which I had to stitch down into the row below, but thankfully it's a very easy pattern to work, and in each row it's always quite obvious when you have to make those longer stitches into the lower row.

I think the middle picture showing the blanket in close-up gives you the truest idea of what the colours look like together, but I wanted to include this picture of the corner to give everyone a closer look at the edging.

And finally, a photo of the blanket from the book, showing it in its intended colours. I'm still not sure if it reminds me of rain, but it is a lovely design.


Unknown said...

I could see the blue looking like rain drops and the white like little clouds if you flipped it upside down.

mdgtjulie said...

Pretty blankie. It's lovely, Amber.