Sunday, October 24, 2010

Australia Bound

Each year I try to send a couple of handmade toys to help out the Softies for Mirabel campaign in Australia. Toys donated to the cause are given out at Christmas time to children whose families have been affected by substance abuse. In the past the organizers have told me that it is often more difficult to find suitable toys for the boys.

Hopefully these Cuddly Cthulhus will appeal to a couple of the boys. After all, who doesn't like a good set of tentacles? The elephant in the middle comes from Tammie Snow's Tiny Yarn Animals. I made it a while back when I was testing out some of the patterns so I could review the book.

Click the link to learn more about the Softies for Mirabel 2010 campaign. Scroll down that page and you'll also see the mailing address where you can send your own donations if you're interested. Having donated for three years running, I'm always surprised to find it actually costs less for me to mail a package of these amigurumis to Australia than it does for me to mail the same size package to another part of Canada. So far the shipping has always cost me less than $10 Cdn., which I think is pretty reasonable.


Ruth said...

Thanks for the reminder! I was planning for this but hadn't been keeping an eye on it. I've got one ready to send but I'd like to whip up maybe 2 more. :)

amber said...

Ooh, send me a picture or a link to a picture of what you're sending. I'd love to see them. I think there was a bit less promotion for the campaign this year from the organizers, hence why you didn't see it earlier.

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