Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Can Resist Knitting Narwals?

I just received my copy of Sally Harless's Animals with Pastimes 2010 Calendar in the mail today. I originally spotted this on Craftster and was really enchanted with her clever illustrations. I'm not going to put up any pictures here that Harless hasn't already posted online, but trust me, the illustrations you haven't seen yet are just as clever as the ones you have. This will definitely bring a smile to my face each month as I turn the page to discover more of what the animals are doing when we're not looking.

The calendar is about 8.5 by 7 inches and printed on yellow printer paper. The images are nice and clear and the squares on the calendar have large enough spaces to write in important events. (What more could you want from a calendar?) Of course, I may just leave this one ink free so that at the end of the year I can take out the illustrations and frame some of them.

You can check out more of Harless's artwork or pick up your own 2010 Animals with Pastimes calendar by visiting SadlyHarmless.

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