Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fone Bone - Now with Accessories and Backpack Tutorial!

I've made another Fone Bone following the pattern I created a while back. This one's for the boyfriend's mom. She works in an elementary school library and wanted Fone to help encourage the kids to read Jeff Smith's wonderful books.

I've always thought that my little Fone needed his backpack. I know that some of the other people who've taken advantage of the free pattern have taken the time to give him one. So I crocheted up backpacks for the new Fone Bone as well as my original one. We also decided to break out the sculpy and add a few accessories. Now, we're no Geek Central Station, but I think these are pretty good for beginners. The experience also made me a little bit more in awe of Geek Central Station, since I discovered I definitely don't have the patience for painting tiny sculpy items.

Nevertheless, I present our tiny backpack, along with Fone's trusty copy of Moby Dick and a Harvestar medallion. (The medallion and Harvestar crest appear throughout the series, but are most prominent at the climax of Book 6: Old Man's Cave). We actually made two sets of everything, but I'm only showing off pictures of one. The boyfriend, who is both wise and witty, gets credit for making the accessories. I'm most impressed that the books actually look like they have individual pages if you look at them up close.

Backpack Tutorial

This one's pretty simple to crochet. Depending on the thickness of the yarn you've used to make Fone Bone you may want to make the initial chain a couple stitches larger or smaller to create the right sized backpack (and adjust other stitch counts proportionally).

worsted weight yarn
size F (3.75 mm) crochet hook
1 small button
1 small dome or snap

Chain 8
Rnd 1: Sc in second chain from hook and in next 6 chain spaces, 3 sc in the last chain space. Do Not Turn. Work into other side of chain. Sc in bottom of each chain across, placing two 2 sc in last space. Slip stitch into first stitch to join.
Rnd 2: ch 1, sc crochet around (approx. 16 stitches around).
Rep. Rnd 2 for 8 rows, or until piece measures about 2 1/2 inches.
Rnd 3: chain 24 (or create chain long enough to wrap around Fone Bone's body as the backpack strap is wrapped in photos. Give yourself about half an inch of extra room). Once chain is long enough, sk first 2 chains, then hdc into each chain space all the way back to the base of the backpack.
Rnd 4: sc in first 9 stitches of backpack. Turn.
Rnd5: Ch 1, sc in each st across backpack. Turn (9 stitches)
rep Rnd 5 for approx 7 rows.
Rnd 6: Ch1, sc in first 4 stitches, ch 1, skip next stitch, sc in next four stitches. Turn.
Rnd 7: Ch 1, sc in 9 stitches across. Finish off.

Sew the button in place to close backpack. Sew one piece of the dome/snap to the end of the strap. Place other piece of dome/snap in lower corner on back of backpack, opposite from the side the strap is attached to. (Use pictures as a guide.)

Enjoy! And look under My Free Patterns in the column on the left for more Boneville related patterns.

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Hi! Sorry for off topic comment but I just wanted to show you how I used the wonderful cthulhu wings pattern of yours. Thank you very much for sharing it with us!!!

Apocalypse pony :)