Monday, September 7, 2009

New Cousins in the Family

Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins has a few new cousins to display. These were sent in by stitchers who have been trying out my Tiny Cthulhu Pattern.

At least two recent commenters mentioned that this was their first attempt at amigurumi, and you certainly wouldn't know it from their end products. First up is this cthulhu on the left created by Ilumiari. I love the extra details here like the ribbon and the expressive eyes. They make the tiny cthulhu even cuter. I'm not that good at stitching on facial features so I am definitely in awe of Ilumiari's skills. I certainly wouldn't know she was new to amigurumi if she hadn't told me.

Next up is this Baby Cthulhu that was crocheted by Buttonater. In her comment she writes, "My first ever crochet project, and I'm proud as hell." Definitely worth being proud of. I think the little x-stitch eyes making baby look a just little bit creepy, but in a good way!

Now what is it about Cthulhus, that we so often find them posing with cats? I should note that the cats never seem to look that happy about the situation either. I don't know if that's their general disdain of having their picture taken or contempt for the little crochet critter they're sharing the photo with. To the left here, along with his feline friend (?), is a cthulhu created by Ilana. She's also the creator of this second great cthulhu shown below.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their photos with me, it's great to see the pattern is appreciated and being used. As always, if any other readers out there have made something with one of my patterns feel free to post a comment and share a link to a photo of your creation.


Unknown said...

Yay! Thanks for posting my pictures! I think that Cthulhu particularly likes cat brains. Maybe that's why there are so many pictures of Cthulhus with cats... By the way, both recipients of the tiny Cthulhus were ecstatic to receive them.

MacKenzie Drake said...

Lovecraft himself was a great lover of cats, so where there is an outbreak of the HPL mythos, there are cats somewhere in the background. I love your little cthulhus and plan to make several for gifts and solstice ornaments. Thank you so much for your designs!