Friday, August 28, 2009

Mario Plushie! Cute Thing Of the Week!

I still have a great fondness for Super Mario Brothers 3, which I played way too much as a teenager. I had a chance to play a few months ago and it was kind of frightening to discover I still remember where all the hidden 1up mushrooms and secret rooms are. Imagine all the more important things I've probably forgotten from my high school years!

Of course I know I'm not alone in my Mario love. There are a lot of Super Mario Brothers crafts out there. I think this Mario Plushie by WolfDreamer is certainly one of the cutest ones I've seen though. And it's made even sweeter by the fact that she's sharing the pattern for free. The instructions and more pics are available at WolfDreamer Off the Hook.

WolfDreamer makes all of her fan art patterns available for free, which is pretty admirable considering the awesome quality of these designs. Check out her other great patterns in the right-hand sidebar of her blog.

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