Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spike In Charge Cross Stitch

I made this last fall as a birthday and graduation gift for the Infamous and Crafty Lisa, who has just finished up a four year nursing program. I finally got the chance to give it to her last weekend and now I can put up a picture of it without spoiling the surprise. I did all the stitching and the boyfriend, who is both wise and witty, helped select the frame and matboards. The picture is called Spike In Charge and it was created by designer Margaret Sherry. If you're not familiar with her work, you can check out a few samples here. Many of her designs are currently discontinued, including Spike, whom I bought a few years ago. Her pictures tend to feature pudgy animals ranging from cats to elephants, and they're always adorable. You may have also seen them on scrapbooking stickers or greeting cards.


Megan said...


My name is Megan and I've followed your blog for some time now. I think it is one of the more creative I've seen.

I'm writing an article for a journalism class at University of Missouri-Columbia about crafty bloggers, and especially those involved in "nerd" craft. I was wondering if I might send you a few questions via e-mail about your inspirations, craft history, etc.

Thank you,

amber said...

Hi Megan,

I'm happy to answer a few questions. I've responded to your comment through my personal e-mail. Thanks for contacting me :)