Monday, September 29, 2008

Of Cats and Cthulhu Cousins!

New cousins are just popping up all over the place lately. Becky sent me the link to this evil old one that she made using my Tiny Cthulhu pattern. (Look in the left sidebar under My Free Patterns for the link.) I'm not sure if kitty here is all that pleased with his new playmate, but I think he looks pretty cool. I like the mult-colours on the tentacles. I'd never thought of using the Tiny Cthulhu as a cat toy before, but now I'm wondering what would happen if you stuffed it with a bit of catnip and gave it to your favourite feline friend...Becky also added a pretty cool new detail to the cthulhu, which I think can best be described as the Sinister Brow! Click on her name above if you want to see how you can make this eyebrow piece for your own cthulhus.

As I'm sure you can tell from the last two posts, I'm always happy to show off the things people make with my patterns. Right now, when I don't have much time for updating the blog, it's so nice to log in every few days and see that people are still commenting on posts I made months ago and still discovering some of the patterns for the first time. If you want to share something you've made with one of my patterns, leave a comment somewhere on the blog and share a link where I can see a picture of your creation.


Becky said...

Hi, wow! I never expected you to post with my picture! Just as I came across this, I was working on a little addition to give him some personality that I think you'd like. A new photo of cthulhu with the cat and my pattern are here:
Also, I think some of my undies made it into that 1st photo, unfortunately. A new photo would be good. :-)
Thank you so much for this pattern. I've always wanted to crochet this guy!

amber said...

Becky, the eyebrow on the cthulhu is a great addition. He's still cute, but in a much eviler way. I've cropped the original picture to remove the undies, which I didn't even notice were there (oops!) and added the new picture too. Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Thanks, wow! & Perchie is very pleased with herself.
Yeah, I didn't even notice the undies until today. I'm sure no one would have, either, but I appreciate the crop, lol. :-D

My bf thinks the new Cthulhu looks like a Klingon. >:-)