Monday, July 28, 2008

Goodbye Yellow Brick Blankie!

I made this baby blanket a few months ago using the free Double Diamond Crochet Baby Blanket pattern courtesy of and it finally went to its new home this Sunday, given to some friends who just had their secnod child. A few minor changes from what the pattern suggested. I used Bernet Baby Coordinates in Lovely Lilac, Soft Mauve, and Lemon Custard. When I was making it I wasn't sure exactly who the recipient was going to be or what the gender of the baby would be so I wanted to get away from the traditonal "pink for girls" and "blue for boys" idea of the pattern. Besides I don't really care for that tradition much anyway and prefer to give bright soft blankets that are multi-colored and not gender oriented.

As to the pattern, it's easy to stitch if you don't mind sewing a bunch of separate motifs together and doesn't take too long to work up. I can't remember exactly how long I spent on this, but it was something like two or three weeks. I should note the pattern seems to be really overestimating the amount of wool you'll need. I made the whole thing with only one skein of each colour and still had a lot of left over wool. Which means an additional present for the new baby boy, this elephant. I've shown him before on the blog, when I reviewed Narumi Ogawa's Mr. Funky: Super Cute Crochet so you may recognize him.

And just in case you're wondering, I don't recommend trying to make amigurumi with Baby Coordinates, it's just not the right wool for such tiny stitches. It snags and is very frustrating to work with for amigurumi, but much more likeable when used with a larger hook for an afghan.

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